GForce Slim Dual Motor- 200W Whole Body Exercise Machine

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A Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Exercise Plate Machine, best, effective and safe for those in senior years!

Fitness Vibration Plate Body Slimming 99 Levels Vibrating Weight Lose Bluetooth

  • 200 Watts Dual Motor
  • 150 kg. Max load weight
  • LED Lighted Display
  • Quiet with multiple vibration modes
  • Includes Arm bands and Remote Control 
  • 1 - 99 levels Adjustable Speed 
  • Anti-slip Rubber Platform
  • 1 year-warranty
  • High Safety Good Quality. 

Why Buy  GForce Slim -200 Watts Whole Body Vibration Exercise Machine?

***Gently releives pain to get full body wellness.

***Boost Metabolism and lympathic system/drainage.

***Vibration of the whole body enhaces the blood flow to help prevents heart issues.

***Improved core strength, better balance, posture, and reduced pre-existing chronic pain.

***Vibration therapy helped strengthen the bones of postmenopausal women living with osteoporosis. 

***Helps your body burn fats and calories faster,  therefore  increasing metabolism.



Material:  High quality new  ABS

Speed/Intensity Level : 1 - 99 levels

Amplitude : 0-12 mm

Voltage : 110 - 240 V

Maxx Load Weight : 150 Kg.

Power : 200W

Color : Orange

Certified By : CE,  Rohs, FCC, and UL

Gross Weight : 10 Kg

Package Size57.5X42X16 Cm

Remote Controll Working Distance : 2.5 meters

Bluetooth : Optional



  1. Pure TPR rubber and safe solid structure - made up with upgraded 100% New ABS material,which ensure this vibration plate odorless and non-toxic, safe and healthier to use.
  2. Small Compact Size - easy to put away, can be used anywhere at home and office.
  3. Powerful Motor -  to create high frequency vibration movement & ensure super quiet operation. 
  4. With the remote controller - for easier and more convenient operation.
  5. With resistance bands - to enhance its potentional for improving the upper body and arms.
  6. Optional speed ranges from 1-99 levels and strong massage vibration - more choices to achieve weight loss, muscle relaxation, muscle building, cellulite reduction and whole body workout.