Improve Flexibility with Whole Body Vibration

Improve Flexibility with Whole Body Vibration

“Stretching during WBV improves flexibility more than static stretching alone and at a faster rate.”

Epperson, “The Effects of Whole Body Vibration Platform Training on Hamstring Flexibility.”

“Whole-body vibration is a suitable training method to improve knee extension maximal strength, counter-movement jump, and flexibility in a young female athlete”

Fagnani et al., “The Effects of a Whole-Body Vibration Program on Muscle Performance and Flexibility in Female Athletes.”

“The current study shows that individualized whole-body vibration without superimposing other exercises is an effective method of acutely increasing lower back and hamstring flexibility”

“Effects of Individualized Whole-Body Vibration on Muscle Flexibility and Mechanical Power (PDF Download Available).”