Dual Motor vs Single Motor Whole Body Vibration Machines

Dual Motor vs Single Motor Whole Body Vibration Machines

When it comes to Whole Body Vibration therapy, there are two main machine options that professionals and individuals come across: dual-motor and single-motor machines. It seems obvious to some that more motors equals more benefits, but it's not always so black and white to everyone.

To break it down, we must first ask ourselves:

What Is The Benefit To A Dual Motor Machine vs a Single Motor Machine?

A dual motor machine allows you to quite literally get twice the benefits out of the machine you're using. Each type of vibration in a vibration plate machine helps your body focus on specific benefits.

Now let's break this down motor by motor, using the two main motions that each motor provides (see Types of Vibration for a further breakdown and benefits of each vibration type).

Triangular Oscillation Vibration Motion

Oscillation/Pivotal Motion

The Oscillation/Pivotal motor allows the vibration plate to pivot back and forth like a see-saw. This type of vibration has impressive results with lymphatic drainage, weight loss, balance and improving fast twitch muscle function.

Triplanar Vibration

Vertical/Triplanar Motion

The Vertical/Triplanar motor moves the vibration plate in a spiral motion. The movements are very quick and have smaller amplitudes. This type of motion is perfect for increasing muscle strength and bone density while helping to reduce inflammation.

Now that things have been broken down a bit, you can easily see what each motor does, why getting a single motor machine limits you and the benefits you can derive from a dual-motor machine versus a single-motor unit.