How Whole Body Vibration Can Improve Elderly Quality of Life

How Whole Body Vibration Can Improve Elderly Quality of Life

“Short training sessions using controlled whole body vibration 3 times a week for 6 weeks improved gait, body balance, motor capacity, and self-reported QOL in elderly nursing home residents”

Bruyere, Olivier, Marc-Antoine Wuidart, Elio Di Palma, Margaret Gourlay, Olivier Ethgen, Florent Richy, and Jean-Yves Reginster. “Controlled Whole Body Vibration to Decrease Fall Risk and Improve Health-Related Quality of Life of Nursing Home Residents.” Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 86, no. 2 (February 1, 2005): 303–7. doi:10.1016/j.apmr.2004.05.019.

In talking about Elderly use of Whole Body Vibration, “Based on this review, WBV has proven to have more beneficial effects on balance, stability and gait, strength, and physical and physiological properties as compared with conventional treatment (resistance training and physiotherapy)”

Madou and Cronin, “The Effects of Whole Body Vibration on Physical and Physiological Capability in Special Populations.”

“An 8-week WBV-based intervention in a nursing home setting is effective in reducing fall risk factors and quality of life in nursing home residents aged 80+.”

Álvarez-Barbosa et al., “Effects of Supervised Whole Body Vibration Exercise on Fall Risk Factors, Functional Dependence and Health-Related Quality of Life in Nursing Home Residents Aged 80+.”