Upright Versus Portable Whole Body Vibration Machines

Choosing whether you want a Whole Body Vibration Machine that stands upright and includes handles or one that's portable and easy to store can be a challenge. For a lot of people, uncompromising performance and reliability are worth the overall extra cost of an upright machine. On the other hand, the loss of potential power vs the gain of portability can be a worthy trade off for others.

Home or Professional Use

These questions often come down to how you're going to use your Whole Body Vibration machine.

Are you a gym owner or a yoga instructor who's interested in setting the machine up for use in your business? Generally speaking, you're going to want to consider Professional Use Machines, which are mostly upright. At-home users who do not need to travel with their machine will also want to focus on the upright variants so they get the best experience.

However, if you're a home-user who likes to exercise when they travel, or even a professional with a "gym on wheels" type business structure, the portable vibration machines might be best suited for you.

It all comes down to how you are going to use your machine, and if you would like to travel with it or not.